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We are the Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain. We are not in any way associated with the GSMD Club.

We believe that there is only one way to breed dogs – the right way.

The dogs our members breed are sound in mind and body. Our dogs have not been operated on or altered in any way, and we do not condone.....continued

Welcome to the Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain website. On this site you can find out more about the breed – affectionately known as the Swissy. There is information about the club, and the process of establishing the Great Swiss Mountain Dog as an officially recognised breed in the UK.

Swissies are new to the UK, although they have a long history in continental Europe, originally being used for guarding, herding and draft work. They are recognised by the American Kennel Club, although in America they are known as Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, rather than Great.
As of 1st October 2008, the UK Kennel Club recognised and registered the Great Swiss Mountain Dogs which puts them on the Import Register. This means that once the Kennel Club issues the interim Breed Standard at their meeting in July 2009 Swissies will be able to compete at dog shows in certain classes which will be listed on this site at a later date once we receive the Breed Standard from the Kennel Club.

The Swissy is a beautiful dog – both in appearance and nature, but be sure to do lots of research into whether the breed is really for you. Swissies love to be part of a family; they do not do well if kept in kennels away from their people. They love children, and are very tolerant, but as with all dogs should not be left alone with them.

Great Swiss Mountain Dogs need regular, sufficient exercise. Their minds need occupying as well as their bodies, as they are a true working breed. Despite having a short coat, they do moult, and regular grooming is necessary. They have a natural instinct to guard and protect their family, and a good training regime is vital.

If you have the time to meet some Swissies to establish if you really like such a big, friendly dog, if you can meet some breeders, if you can socialise and train a puppy, commit a lot of time to just keeping your dog company, and meet the needs of this wonderful breed, you will find the Great Swiss Mountain Dog will return your love and effort many times over.
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There are health test results that your breeder should be able to show you. Do make sure you buy from a Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain approved breeder. Buying a badly bred cheap puppy is going to cost you more in the long run than one bred with understanding and integrity.

There is a lot going on in the world of the Great Swiss Mountain Dog, so do take a look at our News section. You’ll find up to date information about shows, meetings and so on.

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog has an interesting history. To find out more, read this article about the Swissy's past.